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September 23, 2018

Bigg Boss 12 Spoiler: In the first Sultan of the Season

Bigg Boss 12 Spoiler: In the first Sultan of the Season

Deepika Kakkad and Srishti Road pair will be invited to show their self in Sultani Akhara against Salman Khan's pair in Salman

Colors' Popular reality show 'Big Boss 12' is going to be the first Sultani arena of this season on Sunday ie, this night. Like the previous season, this season also Salman Khan Khan invites the Don Contestants of Big Boss House to fight against each other in Sultani Akhara on Sunday. Contestants have to compete with each other in this arena and whoever wins in this match becomes the real sultan of the week. This time too, against Salman Saba and Somai Khan's duo, Deepika Kakkar and Srishti Road couple will call themselves in the Sultani Akhara to show their self. Now it has to be seen who wins by the Celebrity Voices Communications pair. You also see this video tonight.

Salman Khan sewing-embroidery

In 'Bigg Boss Season 12', Varun Dhawan will be seen promoting his forthcoming film 'Sui Thaaga' with Salman Khan. Varun Dhawan will also go inside the 'Big Boss' house and will have fun with the family members. On this occasion, Varun will also give a special task to all the household members of Big Boss House.

Varun will give the needle thread challenge to Salman Khan while promoting his film. Salman Khan and Varun Dhawan will be seen doing a lot of fun during this time. Salman will not only fulfill Varun's Needle Thread Challenge, but also write SK on the cloth.

After this, Varun, appealing Salman, would appeal to India's girls, saying that Salman Khan, who comes from sewing and embroidery, does not get a perfect girl, such an elite Bachelor. It is a shame. It is being told that during the show Varun Dhawan will give Salman Khan Made in India Jacket as a gift. Colors has shared a promo on its social handles which is becoming increasingly viral. See also Varun and Salman's fun video.

September 23, 2018

Limited edition of Maruti Suzuki Swift, launched in India, cost less than 5 lakh

Limited edition of Maruti Suzuki Swift, launched in India, cost less than 5 lakh

Maruti Suzuki Swift is one of the top three cars sold in India after Alto and Dzire

After launch in February this year, the special edition of Maruti Suzuki Swift has also been launched in India. Car makers want to take maximum advantage of launching this car in the festive season. The price of Maruti Suzuki Swift Limited Edition in India is 4.99 lakh rupees (ex-showroom, Delhi). In India it is specially being offered on base LXI and LDI variants.

In this new limited edition of Maruti Suzuki, trim the hatchback as new facilities to reduce the extra cost. And the car could be made affordable. Ltd. With the new edition of Swift recently launched the special edition of Ignis, the company can get a lot of sales in the festive season.

What are the special features

Several new features have been added in the special edition of Maruti Suzuki. It has DIN Bluetooth stereo with two speakers. Wheel covers of this car are also printed. Swift L has Power Window, ABS, Dual Front Airbag, Rear Parking Sensor. While no change has been made in the vehicle mechanically. There has been no change in the engine too.

Special Edition has 1.2 liter petrol motor tuned 82 bhp and 1.3 liter diesel 74 bhp engines. After Alto and Dzire Maruti Suzuki Swift is one of the top three cars sold in India. The company sells about 19,000 Swift cars every month. At the same time, the company is spearheading this special edition that it can increase its sales further.
September 23, 2018

Birthday Special 2018, MS Subbalakshmi: When Gandhi said, you do not sing ...

Birthday Special 2018, MS Subbalakshmi: When Gandhi said, you do not sing ...

Birthday Special 2018, MS Subbalakshmi: When Gandhi said, you do not sing ...
For whom Mahatma Gandhi said, only read this song, he will be better than singing for me
Go to South India. If there is a time for sunrise, then just get out of the street. Go around the houses, temples. A voice will surely squeeze the hearts of hearts through your ears.
Bharat Ratna Voice of MS Subbalakshmi Voice of Venkatesh Subhashatam Vishnu Sahasranama Ka Sur His hymns proclaim the new dawn in life today. The Sun is like the first ray, which gives the possibility of filling your life with light.
This is the same subbalakshmi, popularly known as MS, about which Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had said that what is the front of the Queen of Music ... only a Prime Minister? Mahatma Gandhi had said that he would read only the hymns of my choice, then he would be better than any other singer or singer's song for me.

Mahatma Gandhi had on stage the singing of songs

The story related to Mahatma Gandhi is actually in 1940. MS Subbalakshmi was invited to a function. Mahatma Gandhi also had to attend the function. The song was about to be sung in the ceremony - Hari haro jana ki peer
Until then, MS had never sung in Hindi. They thought that the bhajans should be sung by someone else, who came from Hindi well. Gandhiji then said that if you would rather read than sing, even then he would be better than someone else's song. Obviously, Gandhi's favorite hymn was sung by MS.

102 years have passed. Goddess of Suron was born on September 16, 1916. The place was Madurai. In the Devadasi family, a daughter was born in Kunjamma and Shanmukhavdiwi's house. Name was Subbalakshmi. M / s. Subbalakshmi M means Madurai, where she was born. S to Shanmukhavdh means the father's name, which is applied in the South Indian tradition.

Subbalakshmi's parents were also associated with music

The father of Subbalakshmi used to play Veena There was a musical family. Subbalakshmi also started learning music. MS Subbalakshmi s education in Karnataka music From Pandit Narayan Rao Vyas from Srinivas Aiyar and from Hindustani music.
At the age of eight, Subbalakshmi gave her first public performance. He was also singing at the festival in Kumbakonam. At the age of 17, he gave a public performance at the Madras Music Academy.

In 1936, Subbalakshmi met T. Sadashivam. They were freedom fighters. Sadasivam was married His wife died in 1940, after which Subbalakshmi married him. Sadashivam's Subbulakshmi has a very important role in the career.

MS worked in films too

Subhalakshmi, also known as MS, has also worked in some Tamil films. His first film came in 1938. Name was the service day They did many roles, in which there was a male roll. That roll was Narada Muni's. The movie was Savitri.
In Meera they did a roll of Mirabai. He sings praises of Mira. After some time, he stopped working in films and started paying more attention to singing.

MS Subbalakshmi has all the tales of simplicity. It is said that in the morning when his name came in the newspapers that Bharat Ratna was being given, he was sitting in his house with a mixture of turmeric on his face.

There was only one comment- 'Why are they giving me all this ....' Not an insult to honor, this is a picture of their simplicity. What is the meaning of any respect for those who have given their entire life to the needy?

Some interesting stories of Subbalakshmi

It is said about them that they did not demand VIP treatment or five star luxury to come to a concert. Listen to another story of their simplicity.
His son's school had a friend's wedding in the school. As a formality, he called MS. Surprisingly, when he reached Bangalore at the wedding. There he sang the song there too. The people in Nadoswaram suddenly felt that the voice of MS Subbalakshmi was coming. They stopped playing. There was silence in the wedding hall. Just the voice of MS was buzzing.
Take care, they did not have any children. He always gave his mother's love to her husband's first marriage. He also adopted a niece of Sadashiv ji.

Among these stories of simplicity, one story unfolds a different look. It's a matter of 1937. Two girls came to a photo studio in Madras wearing sari. There they changed clothes there Wearing striped pajamas suit. Made a Pose in front of the camera.

Both had cigarettes in hand. Yes, one of these was MS Subbalakshmi. The second lady was Bhanatyam dancer Balasaraswati. Both of them went to the pic to make a little fun.

Douglas Knight has written in Balasaraswati biography that both were from a very strict conservative family. Both of them went to the photo studio to experience a little independence. They dressed in Western civilization, who were actually sleepwear and acting cigarettes.

For the first time in 2010, this picture became public, which was part of this biography. Douglas Knight, who wrote biography, was actually the son-in-law of Balasaraswati. Balasarwati's grandson Aniruddha Knight had told in an interview that both of them never wear western clothes, neither did they ever smoke. Simply, the picture was taken to look something different.

Daniele MS

Throughout my life the concert came as much money was donated by MS Subbalakshmi, there is no addition or value to it. It is said that MS went on concerting for social and national work.
They donated millions of rupees according to today's date. He has done more than 200 concerts for charity. Raman Magsaysay, Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan and MS Subbalakshmi, who became Bharat Ratna in 1998, died on December 11, 2004.

It's been 14 years. But still it is in the morning, then the voice comes to honor some life. With new expectations, with the possibility of filling life with light. As it was in the beloved hymn of Gandhi - with the desire to defeat the heart.
September 23, 2018

Vijay Hazare Trophy 2018: Shaw's brilliant century gives Mumbai the historic goal of defeating the Railways

Vijay Hazare Trophy 2018: Shaw's brilliant century gives Mumbai the historic goal of defeating the Railways

On Sunday, in the match against Chinnaswamy against Railways, Shaw played a magnificent innings of 129 runs from Mumbai
There is a chance of re-election for the West Indies tour next to the future Shaw, which is selected for the Test series against England. Vijay Hazare is engaged in redemption of earth shaws in the trophy.

Shaw played a magnificent innings of 129 runs against Mumbai in the match against Railways at Chinnaswamy on Sunday. Shaw A list has been the first two centuries by India One, but it was his first hundred from Mumbai. With the help of this century, Mumbai scored a historic score. Mumbai scored 400 runs in 50 overs against Railways, which is Vijay Hazare's second highest score. Earlier, the MP had scored 412 against Railways in 2010.

Mumbai lost captain Ajinkya Rahane early wicket After this Shaw showed a splendid game and hit the half-century in 61 balls. He shared 161 runs of Shreyas Iyer. Shreyas also played 144 balls in 118 balls, which is his 12th century in List A. In response, the Railways team was all out on 227 and Mumbai won by 173 runs.

Shaw is in excellent form this time. In the first match of the tournament, he scored 66 runs and against Karnataka also he scored 60 runs. Shaw was selected for the last two Tests against England instead of Murali Vijay, although he did not get a chance in the playing XI. The BCCI definitely made it clear from this selection that Bharosa will be shown on shaws in future and this is why they have been selected for a two-day practice match against the West Indies.
September 23, 2018

Exclusive Interview: Now boom of web content is coming in smaller cities.

Exclusive Interview: Now boom of web content is coming in smaller cities.

Namah: Special meeting with partner of film and filmmaker Shrini Mantri

One name in Viman Praducers is fast moving forward these days; He has recently made webcircles made on Sunny Leoni and will be coming soon with his second season. Earlier, he had launched Shahid Kapoor's younger brother Ishaan Khattar with Beyond the Clouds, along with renowned filmmaker Majid Majidi. With the Marathi film Anandi Gopal, we have a special meeting with the growing body of content in Bollywood.

Sharin, how did you start your work in Bollywood ?

By the way, at the beginning of my career I did music video and commercial ed films, but gradually we grew to films which was my biggest goal. Recently we had Beyond the Clouds On which we were working for many years. We convinced Majid Majid for a long time that he came and shot in India. At that time he was making a film on Prophet Mohammad. They ended up and finally, they agreed. However, we started our film production company about 12-13 years ago, in which we were making music videos and commercials, but we started making films for the last 4 years.

Working with Majid Majidi was like a dream ?

Working with them was like a dream come true. They see the world with their own eyes. The beauty that Mumbai has shown in Beyond the Clouds is obviously very different from our perspective. They love India very much. So they came here to shoot. We have been living in Mumbai for a long time. But what he discovered in Mumbai was very comforting for us. Mahalaxmi's washes also showed in a very artistic manner. His way of working is extremely interactive and we consider him to be a lucky man that Majid Majidi has worked with us.

You have launched Ishaan Khattar, how many promising do you have ?

Ishaan is a talented actor and Majid Majidi selected him on the merit. Ishaan was fully convinced on his trust. In the first film Ishshan gave the shots, the entire team on the set played a sympathy for their heads. Seeing his only audition, Majid Majid Sir had said that this is my aamir. Who is the character of Ishaan in this film. We enjoyed working with Ishaan.

Controversy took place after casting the heroine to the movie, Deepika again Kangna walk out.

Nothing much can be said about it. People have their own reasons for doing films and not But the way the media threw it in a big way, there was nothing more than making an announcement. Who would not want to work with Majid Majidi? He had met quite a few actors but he came in the media. He also told this thing in many interviews.

You have also produced Sunny Leoni's biopic Karanjit Kaur. How did Sunny celebrate this ?

About three and a half years ago, we started talking to them on this. First of all, our idea was to make Sunny Leoni's biopic. When we put this proposal in front of him, he immediately accepted it. This is the story of a girl who lives her life on her own terms.

Did you have any quality issue in making with G5 ?

Not at all. Since the beginning of G5, this vision is that they are quite committed to quality content. The content we made with Karanjit Kaur is not less than any international series. If we make the film, then it will get only two hours. Judging from such a big month in the film, it does not have to be judged with this content in two hours.

The first series has become quite a hit. A lot of people are watching it.

For Sunny Leoni, one of the big cities, it is a brand, but after Sunny's biopic in smaller cities, a lot of people have expressed their interest in the web content. It is in their language and they can see it whenever they want. So I believe that now there is a rapid boom of web content in small cities and many people are making content for them only.

When will the second season of Karanjit Kaur come ?

Has come from September 18. Which is of ten episodes. The first season is going to be even more interactive. The story of Sunny's childhood was shown in it, in the second season, he has an entry in the industry and a story of his straw. The story of their relationship is that they will give more opportunity to know them. You will definitely see. (Laughs)

What is your next plan after Beyond the Clouds, Karanjit Kaur ?

We recently had the movie Anandi Gopal. That is the story of India's first doctor. This is a Marathi film. They will come to the theaters by the end of this year. The movie has become complicated. We are also planning another film with the director of Black, Pa Ranjit. With Majid Majidi, we are planning another project and a lot of web content is going to come to you soon to entertain.
September 23, 2018

Whatsapp appointed Grievance Officer for India

Whatsapp appointed Grievance Officer for India

Facebook-owned messaging company has given information on appointing 'Complaint Settlement Officer for India' on their website.

Messaging app whatsapp, who is facing government pressure to crack the scam on fake messages, has appointed the Grievance Officer (Grievance Officer) for India. The officer will be responsible for removing other complaints and concerns, including fake news of users.
It is notable that after the incidents of massacre by the crowd in many parts of the country, India had asked the WhatsApp to take necessary steps to prevent the spread of fake messages from WhatsApp.

The Facebook-owned messaging company has given information on appointing 'Complaint Settlement Officer for India' on its website.

It said that users can get help from soft Lahiri by sending a mobile app or e-mail. The officer appointed for India will work only in the United States.

According to Lahiri's LinkedIn profile, she is the Senior Director of Global Customer Operations and Localization Department of Whatsapp's Department. A company spokesman has refused to comment on the matter. According to sources, the appointment of the Grievance Disposal Officer has been done at the end of August.

According to whatsapp website, users can contact the company's support team directly through the 'Settings' option of the app. If they want to proceed with the complaint, then they can contact the complaint officer directly.
September 23, 2018

Why did Amitabh Bachchan want to keep away from politics, Indira Gandhi?

Why did Amitabh Bachchan want to keep away from politics, Indira Gandhi?

Indira Gandhi had warned Rajiv Gandhi about bringing Amitabh Bachchan into politics
Amitabh Bachchan has been away from politics since the beginning? Seeing his life closely, he will find that his connection to politics is seven decades old. In 1968, at a Palam airport in New Delhi, Amitabh Bachchan received his childhood friend Rajiv Gandhi's bride, Sonia Mino, in the morning. was. Sonia Gandhi's immediate association with the Bachchan brothers (Amitabh and Ajitabh) This story of friendship continued even further when Rahul and Priyanka were born and by growing up, they started calling Amitabh their 'Mamoo'.

After this came the Emergency. Often, Amitabh Bachchan, who appeared with Sanjay Gandhi, had to become a victim of media criticism. In those 19 months, on all India Radio and Doordarshan, they kept quiet on Kishore Kumar's ban and the boycott of Dev Anand and Prana who raised voice against Emergency. Film journalism had to undergo a stringent censorship, in which time Gossip was not being tolerated for Amitabh Bachchan and Jeetat Aman.

After Sanjay Gandhi's demise, Rajiv Gandhi stepped into politics. After this, Amitabh Bachchan made his voice in the opening ceremony of the Asian Games at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Delhi in 1982. Rajiv was sitting in Front Row and Amitabh was conducting the program. After the controversy over Bofors, Amitabh Bachchan resigned from the post of Allahabad MP and said goodbye to politics. He was accused of being a middleman in this scandal.

Amitabh fought legal battle to save his honor, but he could not spoil his relationship with politics. Rajiv lost this election to Amitabh's separation that in 1987 the Congress lost the by-election in Allahabad seat. The scattered opposition from it realized that together they could weaken the Congress. At that time, the Congress had 413 MPs in the 542-member Lok Sabha.
Before 1987, there were reports of discord between Gandhi and Bachchan families. An opportunity came in 1980 when Indira chose Nargis for the Rajya Sabha seat, despite her close association with Fast Bachchan.

According to Surya, a magazine that appeared in the editorship of Indira Gandhi's younger daughter-in-law Maneka Gandhi, she was quite upset with Indira's move. Although Indira has defended her decision saying that legendary actress takes more of this post than anyone else.

According to ML Fotedar's 2015 Memoir, it seemed that the relationship between Indira and Fast was a long-term tension. According to him, Indira Gandhi had also warned Rajiv Gandhi about bringing Amitabh into politics.
Just a few days before his assassination, Indira convened a meeting of his son Rajiv (then AICC general secretary), Arun Nehru, a distant cousin of Rajiv and a fractured.

"The meeting was being discussed in the meeting," recalled Fotedar. During this time, he has specially given two things to his son, whatever he should never do in the future. Fotedar further points out that the first thing in this was 'never to bring Bach's son Amitabh Bachchan into electoral politics'.
Indira's close relatives claim that Rajiv did not believe his mother, he did not even say a word to them. 

Photographer said that Amitabh Bachchan was given party ticket in the 1984 Lok Sabha elections. Fotedar says that he was thinking that why Indira is against bringing Amitabh into politics, he said, "but if Rajiv remains inclined, I will not talk much about this. Indira had told Rajiv that he should keep a distance of one hand from the former Maharaja Madhavrao Scindia, of Gwalior.
Fotedar said that during his tenure as MP (1985-87), Amitabh Bachchan had to face controversy. "I was getting the report that Amitabh was starting to interfere in the transfer and appointment of the officers," says Fotedar. He further said that many senior party leaders had complained about their interference with administrative matters.

He further explains, 'Allahabad is the city of educated people, intellectuals, judges and lawyers. However, Amitabh gave the responsibility of work in his field to a person whom people did not take seriously. '

He claimed that he never complained to Rajiv Gandhi about the way Amitabh works. Although the actors started interfering in the Congress-ruled states of Uttar Pradesh, not only in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Maharashtra.
Pottere was working as Rajiv Gandhi's political secretary during that time. He claimed that once Rajiv had told him that Amitabh had once made a lot of pressure to appoint a person special in Rajasthan as the president of the party's female wing.

He said, "I raised it in front of Chief Minister Haridosh Joshi during that time. Joshi refused to appoint that person.
After separation from his childhood friend in 1987, Fotedar explains that it was amazing for him to see that whatever happened after that, Amitabh Bachchan was not the only viewer but his 'player' was the same.

Rajiv Gandhi's political secretary gives the details of the day on which Amitabh had resigned: 'Amitabh came to meet the Prime Minister, there was a discussion between the two. That afternoon, at about 2:45 am I was about to leave for lunch when the PM called me. Amitabh was with him, as usual, the white kurta-pajama was fanning. They were moving towards 7 Race Course Road. I went in. Sitting on the PM chair. Amitabh was sitting on his right side and I was asked to sit on his left side. '

Fotedar goes on to say, 'Rajiv said,' Falcons want you to resign. It was amazing to me ... even for Amitabh. '

The former PM's political secretary said that what Amitabh had on him: "If the faujdar wants me to resign, then I am ready to resign. Give me the paper, what will I write? ' After this, Fotedar told Rajiv's personal assistant Vincent George that the letterhead of the Lok Sabha member should be brought with a notepad. He further said, 'I told Amitabh:' You write your speaker with your hand that you are resigning from the Lok Sabha. ' In response, Amitabh said, 'That's it?' The note was sent to the speaker and the actor's resignation was accepted. '

Fotedar further said, "The truth is that I did not discuss Rajeev on this issue nor did he talk to me about this matter."

Amitabh's formal entry in politics was so sudden that as soon as he was out of the house. After the assassination of Indira, a fresh election was called for the country. Rajiv Gandhi needed a bigger face to deal with leaders like Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Hemwati Nandan Bahugana.

Arun Nehru suggested the name of Amitabh Bachchan After this the talk was arranged on the phone. Rajiv Gandhi did not have to work very hard to celebrate Amitabh.

This part of the article has been published by Rashid Kidwai's book 'Leader Actor: Bollywood Star Power in Indian Politics' with his permission.

This part of the article has been published by Rashid Kidwai's book 'Leader Actor: Bollywood Star Power in Indian Politics' with his permission.