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Exclusive Interview: Now boom of web content is coming in smaller cities.

Exclusive Interview: Now boom of web content is coming in smaller cities.

Namah: Special meeting with partner of film and filmmaker Shrini Mantri

One name in Viman Praducers is fast moving forward these days; He has recently made webcircles made on Sunny Leoni and will be coming soon with his second season. Earlier, he had launched Shahid Kapoor's younger brother Ishaan Khattar with Beyond the Clouds, along with renowned filmmaker Majid Majidi. With the Marathi film Anandi Gopal, we have a special meeting with the growing body of content in Bollywood.

Sharin, how did you start your work in Bollywood ?

By the way, at the beginning of my career I did music video and commercial ed films, but gradually we grew to films which was my biggest goal. Recently we had Beyond the Clouds On which we were working for many years. We convinced Majid Majid for a long time that he came and shot in India. At that time he was making a film on Prophet Mohammad. They ended up and finally, they agreed. However, we started our film production company about 12-13 years ago, in which we were making music videos and commercials, but we started making films for the last 4 years.

Working with Majid Majidi was like a dream ?

Working with them was like a dream come true. They see the world with their own eyes. The beauty that Mumbai has shown in Beyond the Clouds is obviously very different from our perspective. They love India very much. So they came here to shoot. We have been living in Mumbai for a long time. But what he discovered in Mumbai was very comforting for us. Mahalaxmi's washes also showed in a very artistic manner. His way of working is extremely interactive and we consider him to be a lucky man that Majid Majidi has worked with us.

You have launched Ishaan Khattar, how many promising do you have ?

Ishaan is a talented actor and Majid Majidi selected him on the merit. Ishaan was fully convinced on his trust. In the first film Ishshan gave the shots, the entire team on the set played a sympathy for their heads. Seeing his only audition, Majid Majid Sir had said that this is my aamir. Who is the character of Ishaan in this film. We enjoyed working with Ishaan.

Controversy took place after casting the heroine to the movie, Deepika again Kangna walk out.

Nothing much can be said about it. People have their own reasons for doing films and not But the way the media threw it in a big way, there was nothing more than making an announcement. Who would not want to work with Majid Majidi? He had met quite a few actors but he came in the media. He also told this thing in many interviews.

You have also produced Sunny Leoni's biopic Karanjit Kaur. How did Sunny celebrate this ?

About three and a half years ago, we started talking to them on this. First of all, our idea was to make Sunny Leoni's biopic. When we put this proposal in front of him, he immediately accepted it. This is the story of a girl who lives her life on her own terms.

Did you have any quality issue in making with G5 ?

Not at all. Since the beginning of G5, this vision is that they are quite committed to quality content. The content we made with Karanjit Kaur is not less than any international series. If we make the film, then it will get only two hours. Judging from such a big month in the film, it does not have to be judged with this content in two hours.

The first series has become quite a hit. A lot of people are watching it.

For Sunny Leoni, one of the big cities, it is a brand, but after Sunny's biopic in smaller cities, a lot of people have expressed their interest in the web content. It is in their language and they can see it whenever they want. So I believe that now there is a rapid boom of web content in small cities and many people are making content for them only.

When will the second season of Karanjit Kaur come ?

Has come from September 18. Which is of ten episodes. The first season is going to be even more interactive. The story of Sunny's childhood was shown in it, in the second season, he has an entry in the industry and a story of his straw. The story of their relationship is that they will give more opportunity to know them. You will definitely see. (Laughs)

What is your next plan after Beyond the Clouds, Karanjit Kaur ?

We recently had the movie Anandi Gopal. That is the story of India's first doctor. This is a Marathi film. They will come to the theaters by the end of this year. The movie has become complicated. We are also planning another film with the director of Black, Pa Ranjit. With Majid Majidi, we are planning another project and a lot of web content is going to come to you soon to entertain.

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